Dental Crowns Cary

  • A good restoration option
  • Long lasting
  • Provides Protection
Dental Crowns Cary, NC

If you have a broken or damaged tooth, a crown can help protect it. When you visit Dr. McMillan’s holistic dental office, seeking help and treatment, you will be assured of excellent care.

Acting as a dental treatment that protects broken or damaged teeth from any future hindrances, crowns tend to last a very long time. They are a type of dental restoration that completely covers a tooth or dental implant, almost like wearing a cap for protection. Crowns have a strengthening capability and act as a support, binding a tooth together. This is why many dentists prefer crowns instead of dental fillings, particularly large ones, as fillings can have a weakening effect on the tooth where they are placed. While dental fillings depend on a tooth’s remaining structure for support, and generally can’t protect a tooth, dental crowns can safeguard a tooth from forces such as biting and chewing.

A dental impression is usually prepared by your dentist to construct the crown. Made of safe and bio-compatible material, crowns can change your smile and level of confidence. Dr. McMillan almost always prescribes treatment for a patient using crowns when he believes that the tooth in question is excessively damaged or beyond the help of a filling. Even though your damaged tooth may be in good condition, its structure will pose questions. In order to prevent further breakage and damage, a crown will be placed to provide protection and aesthetics.

More than one dental visit is usually required to complete your crown. Patients are often advised by the dentists at Holistic Dental Centers to treat their crowns with the same intensity and importance as maintaining normal teeth. Therefore, patients are expected to brush and floss their teeth and crowns regularly to reap the full benefits of the treatment, in addition to enjoying good oral health.

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Dr. Carl McMillan
Holistic Dental Centers in Cary and Cornelius, NC offer many general and cosmetic options, designed to protect patients’ oral health, as well as overall health and well-being.

Dr. Carl McMillan is a holistic dentist with a medical degree from the College of Dental Medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina. Due to his expertise, he was honored with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) presidency. He is compassionate towards patients and committed to providing them with safe, toxic-free dental treatments to help them maintain a happy and healthy smile.

Dr. Luis Crespo obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry. An IAOMT member, he believes prevention is the best medicine and strives to educate both patients and parents on the benefits of maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. He has served underprivileged communities across the world.

Dr. Erin Wilbanks graduated from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in New Orleans with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. She is an accredited IAOMT member, is SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified and is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry.