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Braces are no longer an almost expected part of growing up. Holistic Dental Centers Cornelius, North Carolina may recommend Myobrace as an alternative to traditional braces.

The Myobrace difference

Straightening traditionally began between ages 12 to 15, after permanent teeth erupted. Extractions often accompany braces and even teeth with the best results can still “relapse” or shift back without long term retainers.

Myobrace braces from dentist in North Carolina Myobrace can help by possibly avoiding the need for braces, extractions, and retainers. Treatment begins as early as age five. Early intervention corrects underlying problems responsible for crowded teeth, supporting proper facial and jaw development.

The ease of Myobrace

Patients wear comfortable, removable oral appliances or “trainers,” which address habits such as:
  • Mouth breathing
  • Tongue-thrusting
  • Reverse Swallowing
myobrace types fro diffrent ages Appliance design aids in proper development of the jaws, facilitating the alignment of the teeth, as well as proper tongue and lip positions. Myobrace is worn one to two hours daily and overnight while sleeping. When accompanied by “trainer activities” that promote improved breathing and muscular function, the results are often far-reaching and dramatic:
  • Improved facial development for a more aesthetic profile
  • Straighter teeth, no relapse here!
  • Better posture
  • Fewer problems with the TMJ, teeth, mouth, and related muscles
  • Better overall health
Parents in the Carolinas are encouraged to call (704) 765-3150

Before & After Treatment

Myobrace braces before and after patient 1
Myobrace braces before and after patient 2


Dr Carl not only cares about you as a patient but also about your family. Nothing phoney – truly genuine – is Dr Carl. The nicest and most caring dentist I have ever met. Worth the drive from Conover to Cornelius! Rating Stars

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