About Holistic Dentist Cary

At Holistic Dental Centers, our vision is:

“To create a practice totally devoted to whole body wellness, focusing on alternatives to create healthy minds, bodies and spirits and to use a complete team approach to achieving true wellness.”

Education and Co-Diagnosis

As responsible members of the dental and oral health specialist fraternities, we are committed to educating our patients about everything related to the highest forms of dental care. Not only do we specifically educate in the topics of metal free dental alternatives and the significance of the disease-free oral environment, we also evaluate each condition and make treatment recommendations according to our comprehensive co-diagnosis approach which enables us to exceed our patients’ expectations.

Highest Quality Care

Our continuously and highly trained elite panel of dental professionals not only cares for you in a comprehensive and complete manner, but also gives you the opportunity to recover in a facility that’s second to none in comfort and technology. Moreover, we are proud to mention that we solely use the most biocompatible, aesthetic and functional materials in our treatments. We have also made an ardent commitment not to use mercury containing dental fillings and handle their removal safely because of the health risks it poses to patients. We know only to provide the highest quality care to our patients without a single compromise.

Commitment to Learning

Our special ongoing commitment to learning is another factor that contributes to set our doctors apart from the rest, and ensures that our patients are being treated by the most knowledgeable doctors administering the latest in dental care. With over 20 years of clinical experience and over 150 hours of annual advanced education, our special and noble form of dentistry focuses primarily on positively impacting the overall health of our patients.

If you want to experience our commitment to excellence and overall health, visit our dental office today!

Dedicated Dental Office for Holistic Biological Dentistry by Dr. Carl McMillan

Dedicated Dental Office for Holistic Biological Dentistry by Dr. Carl McMillan

Dr. Carl MacMillan’s office is completely dedicated to holistic biological dentistry

Once new patients come to Holistic Dentist Center, the staff spends an hour or two gathering data related to their medical history.