Holistic Dentist

Holistic Dentistry

Although traditional dentistry has good intentions to promote oral health through preventative and restorative care, the overall approach to doing so may be lacking.

 Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Holistic Dental Centers, with offices conveniently located in Cornelius and Cary, offers cosmetic services from a holistic perspective.Dr. McMillan and their team of professionals…

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Family Dentistry

If you are looking for a family dentistry office with a firm commitment to safety and the overall health and well being of the patient, then Dr. McMillan’s Holistic Dental Centers is the right choice for..

Welcome To Holistic Dental Centers

The holistic dentist difference in Cary: We account for whole-body health, your one-of-a-kind needs

“Holistic” refers to no single attribute, procedure, technique, or philosophy in dentistry. It means many different things to a dentist who takes this approach to maintain or restore the teeth, gums, and oral structures. First, Drs McMillan and Crespo at our offices in Cary and Cornelius approach each patient as more than his or her smile, symptoms, or oral health concerns.

We account for the “whole person.”

We partner with patients holistically as you are more than a set of teeth and gums. We account for nutrition, lifestyle (behaviors and habits), and even your budget. These and numerous other factors can influence the health and function of your teeth, gums, and interconnected tissues. For instance, we may see telltale signs of teeth-grinding in the forms of chips, fractures, and excessive wear and tear. For treated teeth to remain strong and looking great, we must address the condition at hand. Oral appliance therapy can protect the restored teeth from further damage. Plus, our patients experience many benefits that transcend the oral cavity. Nightguards cushion the blow that is placed on the jaw joints from bruxism. So, patients enjoy relief from daily headaches, radiating facial pain, and other symptoms.

Concerns over the cost of dental care can cause distress. Chronic stress is not good for your mouth or the rest of your body. Stress may be manifested by behaviors such as bruxism. Your body’s response to strong emotions can negatively affect immunity, and the risk of developing oral infections rises. The ability for your body to repair damaged tissues is also impaired. We focus on durable, quality treatments that sustain the health of your smile and the rest of you. So, by their very nature, our procedures are an exceptional value.

And no two treatment plans are the same. Holistic Dental Centers account not only for the “whole” you but also for you as a one-of-a-kind individual. The dental materials, oral care products, and other remedies are all precisely suited to your unique characteristics, needs, goals, and preferences. Regardless of the specific products and treatments recommended for you, all services at our offices are safe, biocompatible, and promote great health and well-being. For example, we avoid the use of metals such as silver-colored amalgam fillings that contain a known toxin: mercury. Our dental composites and ceramics are as visually appealing as they are safe and highly functional.

We practice “whole-body” health.

The oral cavity is not isolated from the rest of the body. If your teeth are decayed or your gums are diseased, these conditions can harm interconnected structures as well as distant tissues. In fact, it has often been said that your oral health provides a “window” into overall health. Substantial research has focused on the role that advanced gum disease (periodontitis) has on developing medical conditions, such as heart disease. Researchers have found the same type of bacteria present in patients with severe gum disease is also present in heart patients. Your bloodstream is like your body’s “highway”; harmful bacteria and other pathogens do not “stay put.” They can travel from your mouth to other parts of your body, including your heart.

The linkages between the health of the teeth and gums and the health of other body parts or systems represent one reason why we at Holistic Dental Centers ask about changes to your health or new prescriptions you are taking every time you visit us. Diabetes and other diseases can make you more vulnerable to infections. For this reason, it is important to manage systemic conditions. Additionally, protecting your oral health presents a great way to keep the rest of you healthy! Research suggests that diabetic patients with gum disease have a more challenging time keeping blood sugar levels in check, too. The relationships between the state of your oral cavity and the state of your “system” are undeniable. Our team recognizes this inextricable link in everything we do.

A whole-body approach focused on the whole “you.” Experience these differences for yourself. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at one of our two area offices in Cary and Cornelius.