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Dental Bridges Cary

Dental Bridges Cary, NC
  • A Good Solution for Missing teeth
  • Protects your existing teeth
  • Gives an amazing smile as an end result
Teeth that have fallen out or have been removed are never good for the aesthetics of your smile or your overall facial appearance. When you visit Dr. McMillan’s dental office with this problem, he may direct you to a treatment known as dental bridges. A dental bridge typically consists of a filler tooth, or structure. Once the entire process is complete, this new structure is bonded into the mouth, between two surrounding and structurally sound teeth. If you forego this treatment for the gaps between your teeth, it can cause your teeth to shift, which in turn can lead to occlusion, jaw problems and even periodontal disease. When you seek the care of Dr. McMillan and his team of dentists at Holistic Dental Centers, they may suggest using bridges to protect your existing teeth while giving you a bright and life-changing smile.

Once Dr. McMillan examines your condition and decides that dental bridges would be of benefit to you, the process will require two trips to the dental office. During the first visit, the teeth surrounding the missing spaces will be prepared by cleaning away any plaque or decay and, if needed, reducing them to accommodate crown work. After the surrounding teeth are prepared, a mold of your teeth is taken to be sent off to a dental lab where a customized bridge is fabricated. Since this customized bridge takes two to three weeks to complete, Dr. McMillan will fit you with a temporary acrylic resin-made bridge, to maintain the proper space until your next visit.

During the second visit, the earlier placed temporary bridge is removed and replaced with the permanent one. After adjusting for proper bite and fit, the bridge is permanently bonded into the mouth, giving you the amazing and life-changing smile you’ve always dreamed of.

By consulting Dr. McMillan today, you will be well on your way to a beautiful new smile!


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