Meet the holistic dentist trusted by patients in Cary life and Cornelius, Dr. Carl McMillan

Dr. Carl McMillan, Holistic Dentist in Cary

Dr. Carl McMillan has been practicing holistic dentistry for more than two decades. He attended Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Dental Medicine, where he earned his dental degree in 1989. He has been working tirelessly to improve patients’ health and quality of ever since. He founded Holistic Dental Centers with the vision of bringing high-quality, safe, biological dental care to the people of North Carolina.

Dr. McMillan is a leader in holistic dentistry, as evidenced by his role as a charter member of IAMFD (International Academy of Mercury Free Dentists). He is also a past president of IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). These highly respected organizations are composed primarily of scientists, physicians, and dentists who are committed to advancing the practice of evidence-based health care.

“First, do no harm.”

This is a tenet of the Hippocratic Oath, and it is also the guiding principle on which Dr. McMillan has based his career. When seeing a new patient, he begins by performing a comprehensive exam and having an in-depth discussion about all health issues. He considers himself just one percent dental repairman, and 99 percent educator, helping patients understand and improve their oral health. In every case, his goal is to work with the patient to devise a solution to oral health and cosmetic concerns that will cause no harm in any way.

Elevated standards of patient care

Many patients come to Dr. McMillian seeking holistic treatment. However, people who are not interested in holistic practices also choose him, simply because they want a dentist who treats them with respect, takes time to listen, and cares about them. He does not judge his patients, or pressure them to accept a treatment recommendation. Instead, he educates, discusses, and answers questions to help patients make informed oral health decisions.

Away from the office

Are you wondering what Dr. McMillan does when he is not studying or practicing holistic dentistry? His free time is spent with his 3 adult children, camping/RVing, reading, attending sporting events and seeking out live country music. His love for sports leads him to some of his patients’ sporting events when time allows. An outdoorsman at heart, he also enjoys running, cycling, water skiing, and snow skiing. He believes that a good diet and active lifestyle, coupled with spiritual or mental activities are key to whole health and wellness.