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Tips for good dental health by Cary, NC family dentist

Good Dental Health Tips for family in Cary NC area

At Holistic Dental Centers in Cary and Cornelius, NC, our dentist provides a variety of preventative dental services for families. Dr. Carl McMillan is pleased to offer tips and information for patients who are interested in maintaining good oral health and wellness. With our providers, patients of all ages can learn about the many ways they can keep the smile beautiful, healthy, and fully functional! Why is preventative dental care important? Every patient needs to take good care of their smile. This includes preventative care to avoid the development of many harmful problems. Two common conditions that can develop due … Continue reading

Cornelius, NC dentist describes the benefits of Myobrace treatment

Benefits of Myobrace Treatment in Cornelius area

What if we told you there was a way for you to eliminate the need for braces for your child? What if we told you that orthodontic work may be preventable with appropriate treatment in the early years? Many parents are told that their children could benefit from orthodontic work to straighten their teeth in the teen years to address problems such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Some children have gaps in their teeth or teeth that are turned and out of place. Orthodontic treatment can help with this. But what about preventing orthodontics altogether? Our dentist at Holistic Dental … Continue reading

Use oral conscious sedation to relax during your next dental treatment with Dr. McMillan in Cary, NC

Dr. Carl McMillan and his team of professionals at Holistic Dental Centers are proud to provide this method of sedation to calm patients who are undergoing services in his practice.

When Cary, NC patients need dental treatments, they may be worried about their time spent in the dental chair. However, patients have a way of enjoying a stress-free visit to their dentist with the use of oral conscious sedation. Extreme anxiety can keep many people away from the dental office and at risk for dental disease and tooth decay, but, with oral conscious sedation, patients can finally relax for a stress-free visit to the office! What is oral conscious sedation? Dr. McMillan describes oral conscious sedation as a wonderful solution for patients who have dental anxieties. This method of sedation … Continue reading

Learn about safe and effective teeth whitening services with Cary, NC area dentist

At Holistic Dental Centers , Dr. Carl McMillan provides solution for teeth whitening

At Holistic Dental Centers, we firmly believe in offering dentistry from a holistic perspective. We understand other dental practices may perform procedures that are not safe for the smile and are not biocompatible. Therefore, we encourage patients to consider effective treatment services that provide results while ensuring the health of the smile. Professional teeth whitening treatments performed in other dental offices may thin the enamel and may cause more harm than good, but our practice is pleased to offer a biocompatible solution that provides results while enhancing the smile in a safe and effective manner using take-home whitening kits. Understanding … Continue reading

Cary, NC dentist describes the advantages of using porcelain veneers for treatment of imperfections

Contact Dr. Carl McMillan at Holistic Dental Centers to discuss this and other solutions for the smile

When patients have imperfections in their smiles, specifically on the anterior teeth (front teeth), they may feel as though they have no affordable solutions available to them. Many patients think of cosmetic dentistry as a solution only attainable by the Hollywood elite. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Dr. Carl McMillan and his team at the Cary and Cornelius’ Holistic Dental Centers provide treatment options including porcelain veneers for patients to consider. Visiting a dentist is the first step in finding out if the advantages of veneers are right for you! Porcelain veneers explained It is best to fully … Continue reading

Learn about professional treatment for whitening teeth by a dentist in Cary, NC

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Cary NC

The team of Holistic Dental Centers in Cornelius and Cary, NC understand how important it is to have a beautiful smile. When teeth are discolored or dull in appearance, patients may experience a lack of confidence in how they look. They may avoid smiling or cover their teeth with their hands when they talk or laugh with others. Instead, Dr. Carl McMillan and his team encourage patients to discuss with him whitening the smile, with professional options. Take-home whitening kits At Holistic Dental Centers, we know how many options are available on the market today for the treatment of discolored … Continue reading

Myobrace in Cornelius, NC is an innovative preventive orthodontic treatment

Teeth Alignment with Traditional Braces, Carl McMillan, DMD

Braces no longer have to be a predictable and expected part of a child’s adolescent years. Myobrace has emerged as a safe and proven preventive orthodontic solution to eliminate the need for dental braces. The key to success lies in choosing the ideal Myobrace dentist in Cornelius, NC for your needs. The Myobrace Difference As the permanent teeth begin to appear, many youngsters between ages 12 and 15 are required to go through the process of teeth alignment with traditional braces. However, the entire orthodontic treatment process can be prolonged, and sometimes after the braces removal, the teeth may still … Continue reading

Cary, NC dentist explains how cosmetic dentistry services can help you smile confidently

Dr. Carl McMillan and Dr. Luis Crespo want their Holistic Dental Centers patients in Cary and Cornelius, NC to know that you don’t have to live with an unhappy smile.

When you’re embarrassed about your smile, it can affect your self-esteem and your overall wellbeing. Often, patients who feel that their teeth are misaligned, discolored, missing, cracked, or misshaped will hide their smile behind closed lips, by turning their head, or just not smiling as often as they would like. This can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and, over time, can damage your personal and professional relationships.   Dr. Carl McMillan and Dr. Luis Crespo want their Holistic Dental Centers patients in Cary and Cornelius, NC to know that you don’t have to live with an unhappy smile. With a … Continue reading

What can a cosmetic dentist in Mooresville, NC do to enhance the appearance of the smile?

Rejuvenating the smile and enhancing its appearance can be done in a variety of ways. Dr. Carl McMillan is a cosmetic dentist in the Mooresville, NC area who understands how essential beautiful teeth can be in social situations and in regards to personal satisfaction and self-confidence. He offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures in his practice to help patients in getting the smile of their dreams.   At Holistic Dental Centers, we provide new and current patients with a large selection of treatment options for enhancing their smiles, which may include: Composite Resin Fillings Instead of using amalgam fillings … Continue reading

Dentist in Cary explains how tooth bleaching can provide the best results for teeth whitening

Dr. McMillan Carl at Holistic Dental Centers explains how tooth bleaching can provide the best results for teeth whitening.

Making a great first impression starts with a happy smile. If you aren’t happy with your smile because of crooked or less than white teeth, you are likely to hide it by closing your lips, covering your mouth with your hand, turning your face, or worse, you may not smile as often as you would like. Dr. Carl McMillan and Dr. Luis Crespo work with patients in the Cary area to improve the appearance of their smiles. Our team understands that when patients feel better about the appearance of their smiles, they have greater confidence overall. For individuals who are … Continue reading