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Dentist in Cornelius, NC provides holistic dental care for pediatric patients

You naturally want the highest quality dentistry available for your kids. If you are in the Cornelius, NC area, turn to Dr. Luis Crespo at Holistic Dental Centers for healthy dental care for pediatric patients.

Establishing a high level of comfort with the dentist is extremely important for children. We help them feel at ease coming into our office and with the dental exam process. Dr. Crespo encourages a visit at the eruption of the first teeth so that proper instructions can be given and questions can be answered. This allows us to get a baseline examination and begin monitoring their oral health. Of course, if you have any concerns prior to that, you are welcome to call us.

Knowledge share

Dr. Crespo takes a holistic approach to dentistry for kids that begins with educating parents on the best way to care for their child's teeth. For example:
  • When your child is an infant, wiping the gums with a moist washcloth is an excellent way to remove bacteria.
  • It is important not to leave your child with a bottle at bedtime, and to avoid sugary juices that increase risk of decay.
  • As your child gets older, we work with them to establish proper brushing and flossing techniques that you continue to monitor at home.
  • It is a great idea to let your child brush his or her own teeth first, to encourage independence. Then, follow up to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Maintain regular dental visits throughout childhood to dramatically decrease anxiety.

Do no harm

As a holistic provider, Dr. Crespo does not believe in using silver amalgam fillings or stainless steel crowns. Rest assured that all treatments provided will be done with safe, biocompatible materials.

If you live in the Cornelius area and are looking for a dental practice that is committed to your child's total health and wellness, please contact us at (704) 765-3150.


We can’t say enough about Dr. Carl McMillan & his entire staff. He helped our daughter overcome her fear of the dentist and now she literally looks forward to coming to get her cleanings! They are so gentle and caring and treat us like family, every time! All I can say is THANK YOU, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Rating Stars