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Myobrace in Cornelius, NC is an innovative preventive orthodontic treatment

Teeth Alignment with Traditional Braces, Carl McMillan, DMD

Braces no longer have to be a predictable and expected part of a child’s adolescent years. Myobrace has emerged as a safe and proven preventive orthodontic solution to eliminate the need for dental braces. The key to success lies in choosing the ideal Myobrace dentist in Cornelius, NC for your needs.

The Myobrace Difference

As the permanent teeth begin to appear, many youngsters between ages 12 and 15 are required to go through the process of teeth alignment with traditional braces. However, the entire orthodontic treatment process can be prolonged, and sometimes after the braces removal, the teeth may still shift or relapse if they are not fitted with long-term retainers.


Myobrace can avoid this entire orthodontic procedure by sidestepping the requirement for braces and retainers. Myobrace preventive treatment begins at the early age of five. According to the experts, early intervention can treat fundamental issues, caused as a result of poor facial and jaw growth that leads to crowded teeth.

Comfort and Convenience

The child wears a convenient Myobrace oral device, also known as trainers, which can help tackle issues like:

  • Reverse swallowing or tongue-thrusting
  • Mouth breathing

The oral appliance is designed to promote accurate jaw development, support teeth alignment, as well as help achieve correct positioning of the lip and tongue. The child is required to wear Myobrace up to two hours every day and overnight. When its use is supplemented by trainer activities, it not only improves breathing and muscle function but also shows phenomenal results overall.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved facial development for a more aesthetic profile
  • No more relapse in straight teeth
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced health overall
  • Fewer issues related to teeth, mouth, TMJ, and associated muscles

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Preventive Orthodontic Treatment

This pre-orthodontic procedure is preventive in nature and is focused on treating the principal issues that cause twisted teeth. The Myobrace system can not only fix these underlying causes, but may also eliminate the need for braces and extractions, encouraging natural growth and development of teeth.


Braces and extractionsThis treatment is ideal for children aged between 3 and 15 years. The procedure involves using detachable intra-oral devices that are worn for up to 2 hours every day and at night while sleeping. Choose the right Myobrace dentist in Cornelius NC for treatment and support.


What Myobrace treatment can do?

  • Help in correction and development of the jaw
  • Treat crude oral patterns
  • Teeth straightening
  • Improves facial development and overall health
  • Encourages healthy eating

Myobrace helps the child:

  • Swallow properly
  • Breathe through the nose
  • Keep lips closed
  • Rest the tongue in correct position

How It Works?

Braces treatment can only begin after eruption of all permanent teeth, exposing the child to the risk of impacting not just their teeth, but also their overall oral growth and health. Poor oral habits, also known as myofunctional routines, are visible long before the permanent teeth come through. This means that the treatment is delayed when it could ideally begin as early as three years of age.


Myobrace tackles the underlying issues as they are identified. Myobrace is devised to correct improper myofunctional habits by teaching the kids to inhale through their nose, swallow correctly, widen the jaws to stimulate their growth to their full size and rest the tongue in the roof of their mouth. These practices provide the teeth enough room to grow naturally straight, eliminating the need for braces.


Preventive Orthodontic TreatmentThe Myobrace System uses intra-oral appliances that help in altering poor oral habits and encourage the expansion of arch-form while lightly wielding pressure to naturally align the teeth and jaws. Sometimes, special devices may also be used based on the child’s orthodontic concern and age.


Additionally, Myobrace Activities is a special patient awareness program that is designed to correct the poor oral habits that cause improper development of jaws and teeth. These activities contain a series of swallowing, breathing, tongue, cheek, and lip exercises that are to be performed twice a day, along with wearing the specialized appliance.

Health Benefits

Myobrace pre-orthodontic procedures not only correct teeth and jaw alignment, but also provide additional health benefits such as teaching children about good dietary practices, tackle issues related to airway dysfunction, and enable children to reach their full dental growth.


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