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Mar 28

At Holistic Dental Centers in Cary and Cornelius, NC, our dentist provides a variety of preventative dental services for families. Dr. Carl McMillan is pleased to offer tips and information for patients who are interested in maintaining good oral health and wellness. With our providers, patients of all ages can learn about the many ways […]

Aug 30

Your child’s oral health is a tremendous responsibility. The decisions you make now will influence the child’s appearance, self-esteem, oral health, overall wellness, and attitude toward dentistry for life. Coordinating busy work and school schedules is a challenge, and convenience is important. However, it shouldn’t be the only factor you take into account. If you […]

Mar 10

Many patients who are seeking a family dentistry practice are concerned about whether their dentist will be gentle and provide affordable yet long-lasting services. Cary and Cornelius area patients often find that working with Dr. Carl McMillan puts them at ease and allows them to relax when it comes to dental services that may otherwise […]

Nov 30

Many people feel as if they have more to do in a day than they can possibly get done. Dr. Carl McMillan of Holistic Dental Centers understands this. For patient convenience, the office in Cornelius can serve all of your family’s dental needs, providing care for everyone in your family, from young children to the […]

Nov 30

Our team understands that choosing a family dentist may seem like a daunting task, but they have a wonderful reputation that allows parents to feel at ease about selecting their dental practice for lifelong oral health care needs. Many patients interested in choosing a new dental practice are curious about the advantages of having a […]

Nov 30

If you are seeking a good family dentistry practice in the Charlotte area, we encourage you to stop and consider the benefits of visiting the Cary and Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers. Dr. Carl McMillan is a dental professional in the community who believes that everything performed within the smile should be holistic and biocompatible. Dr. […]

Nov 30

Dr. Carl McMillan of Cornelius Holistic Dental Center works closely with patients of all ages in their family dental practice. He understands that many parents want their entire family to enjoy dental services under one roof. Additionally, we are a holistic dental practice that focuses on the health and wellness of not only the smile […]

Nov 30

Choosing a dental practice that works for your entire family can seem like a daunting task. You want a practice who can be gentle and calming for your children, motivate your teen to practice the best oral health care, and treat your own dental issues with care and safe materials. It may seem impossible to […]

Nov 30

Holistic Dental Center at Cornelius is conveniently located to serve families from Raleigh and surrounding areas. When visiting our office, your family can enjoy smiles that are as healthy as they are beautiful with a deep understanding that what happens in your mouth affects your entire body, and what happens in your body affects your […]