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Sep 07

At Holistic Dental Centers, we focus on ensuring our patients have access to holistic, biocompatible dentistry solutions for their smiles. With holistic dental care, our office can meet your needs while ensuring every procedure is suitable for the mouth and body. Working with a holistic dental office has many advantages, so let us review some […]

Sep 13

The term “holistic dentistry” may be new to you, or if you have heard it, you may not quite understand what it is. While traditional dentists have the best intentions through providing preventive and restorative care to promote oral health, the approach they take can lack regarding how this treatment affects your well-being. Holistic dentistry, […]

Oct 19

At Holistic Dental Centers, Dr. Carl McMillan and his experienced team are available to assist patients in achieving—and maintaining—oral health and wellness. In doing so, he focuses on holistic solutions for individuals, ensuring that a visit to the dentist’s office provides general, cosmetic, and restorative care. If you are seeking a holistic dentist “near me,” […]

Nov 29

Patients in Charlotte, NC are happy to take the short drive to Cornelius to visit Dr. Carl McMillan for mercury free, mercury safe dentistry. At Holistic Dental Centers, they fully understand the negative impact mercury can have on the smile and body. Mercury is used to create silver amalgam fillings, the metal fillings that have […]

Nov 29

For many Charlotte, NC area patients, there is some confusion between the terms “mercury safe” and “mercury free” used in everyday dentistry. General dentists who state they are “mercury free” are indicating that they do not place dental restorations such as silver amalgam fillings. Though silver amalgam fillings have been used for many years to […]

Nov 29

There have been many misunderstandings over the years regarding the terms “mercury free” and “mercury safe” dentistry. Dr. Carl McMillan of the Holistic Dental Centers near Charlotte, NC can proudly say they are both mercury free and mercury safe. There is a big distinction between the two. In a mercury free practice, the dentist does […]

Nov 29

Dr. Carl McMillan of Cary and Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers is the holistic dentist of choice! He and his team are committed to providing patients in the area, including the community of Charlotte, with quality, comprehensive oral health care services. He cares for patients of all ages and can help with everything from simple cleanings […]

Nov 29

When patients think of visiting the dentist, they don’t often think about visiting a holistic dentist. Holistic dentists are dental professionals who look out for the overall health and wellbeing of their patients. When individuals are faced with dental issues but want to do right by their oral health and wellness, they are encouraged to […]

Nov 29

Studies have shown that there is a connection between the health of the mouth and the health of the body. Medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes have also been linked to dental problems. It makes sense, then, that some dentists would begin to look at patient care from an entire body, […]