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Mooresville patients are urged to consider tooth-colored fillings over traditional silver amalgam

Aesthetic services have become an important aspect of dentistry for many Mooresville area patients. Dr. Carl McMillan of Holistic Dental Centers with offices in Cary and Cornelius encourages patients to take the time to learn about the advantages of cosmetic treatment. When areas of decay form, it is common for patients to believe metal fillings are the solution of choice. However, many are unaware of the damage these types of fillings can do to not only the mouth but also the body. This is why our practice only provides tooth-colored fillings.


Metal fillings are also known as silver amalgam fillings. These fillings are made with a combination of metals in order to achieve the consistency needed to place within the smile. Unfortunately, approximately half of their makeup is mercury. Mercury is a toxin that is poisonous to the human body. Mercury toxicity is a serious concern. When patients have silver amalgam fillings placed in their teeth, they are subjecting themselves to a myriad of medical conditions and unhealthy consequences. Mercury toxins are released into the bloodstream and may be the reason certain problems of the body occur.


Instead, Dr. Carl McMillan is a holistic dentist who encourages patients to consider biocompatible solutions. This includes tooth-colored fillings. They are also referred to as composite resin fillings. Composite resin fillings are just as effective at treating areas of decay but have many other advantages.

  • Composite resin fillings are affordable
  • Composite resin fillings are safer to place within the smile and are not linked to any medical conditions
  • Composite resin fillings are more attractive, blending in with the natural tooth enamel to achieve an aesthetic look
  • Composite resin fillings are not subjected to temperature changes. Silver amalgam fillings can expand and contract, allowing bacteria into the tooth that can result in root canal therapy or extraction to address
  • Composite resin fillings can be quickly applied to the tooth in just one appointment

At Cary and Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers, we encourage patients to take the time to learn about our restorative services and compare them to choose the one most appropriate for them. Because our practice specializes in biocompatible solutions, we avoid the placement of silver amalgam fillings.