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Use oral conscious sedation to relax during your next dental treatment with Dr. McMillan in Cary, NC

Dr. Carl McMillan and his team of professionals at Holistic Dental Centers are proud to provide this method of sedation to calm patients who are undergoing services in his practice.

When Cary, NC patients need dental treatments, they may be worried about their time spent in the dental chair. However, patients have a way of enjoying a stress-free visit to their dentist with the use of oral conscious sedation. Extreme anxiety can keep many people away from the dental office and at risk for dental disease and tooth decay, but, with oral conscious sedation, patients can finally relax for a stress-free visit to the office! What is oral conscious sedation? Dr. McMillan describes oral conscious sedation as a wonderful solution for patients who have dental anxieties. This method of sedation … Continue reading

Surprising uses for oral conscious sedation dentistry in Cary and Cornelius, NC

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Most people think of sedation dentistry as a means for a fearful patient to get needed dental treatment. Patients from Cary and Cornelius, NC, however, are discovering other situations in which oral conscious sedation is beneficial. Dr. Carl McMillan offers this option at Holistic Dental Centers. A bit of background Sedation dentistry refers to a variety of prescription medications that relax anxiety responses in the brain. Sedation is not a pain block, but rather a calming agent. Oral sedation is in a pill form. It is safe for most adult patients, and Dr. McMillian takes extra precautions to minimize the … Continue reading

Dental anxiety melts away with stress free dentistry using oral sedation in Cornelius

Oral Sedation in Cornelius

Does the mere mention of a dentist appointment have you breaking out in a sweat? Do you avoid regular checkups because you have anxiety about sitting in the dentist’s chair? With oral sedation dentistry in Cornelius or Cary, you can finally feel free to relax and be comfortable during your dental visit.   Having a great dental practice is about more than creating beautiful smiles, it’s about having a positive impact on the person behind those smiles. At Holistic Dental Centers, we want you to feel comfortable visiting us for any of your dental needs, whether it’s a regular cleaning, … Continue reading

Raleigh dental phobic patients find relief with oral sedation

Dental patients from Raleigh to Charlotte and the surrounding areas can enjoy stress-free dental treatments by visiting either of The Holistic Dental Centers’ offices, conveniently located in Cary and Cornelius. We understand that dental anxiety can prevent people from getting the dental care they need, so we offer sedation to help anxious patients receive treatment comfortably.   Having a little, or even a lot, of anxiety about visiting the dentist is common. Nearly three out of four dental patients responding to a survey reported a least some anxiety about pending dental visits, and one in every ten of the anxious … Continue reading

Enjoy comfortable visits to the Dentist in Cary or Cornelius with oral sedation

Enjoy Comfortable Visits

North Carolina’s Holistic Dental Centers, with locations in Cary and Cornelius, welcome patients to a whole new world of dental care. For many years, medical patients have benefitted from sedation when receiving care for a medical condition, but most dental patients have been denied this comfort. Our doctors and our dental team take a different approach to dental care.   We don’t treat our patients as sets of teeth to repair and maintain, we consider the overall health and wellbeing of our patients when recommending treatment. We believe that the dental experience should be as emotionally healthy as possible. Oral … Continue reading

Relax during your next dental visit with oral sedation in Cornelius

Relax During your Next Dental Visit

It is unfortunate that not all dentists are like Dr. Carl McMillan with the same level of dedication to patients’ overall health and wellbeing. At Holistic Dental Centers in Cary and Cornelius, we are dedicated to patient care and this is reflected in everything we do. We frequently see patients who have had a negative experience in the past and they have been left with dental fear or a phobia. We offer oral sedation for a comfortable stress-free experience for these patients.   The benefit of sedation Dental fears and phobias can lead to severe dental problems. Some patients will … Continue reading

Oral sedation can help patients with dental phobias relax in Cary

Oral Sedation can Help Patients

For many people, the thought of seeing the dentist brings about varying degrees of fear. Some people refuse to see the dentist no matter how severe their problems are, and others will refuse to seek preventive care and when a problem occurs, postpone seeing the dentist until it has done serious damage to their oral health. Dr. McMillan wants all of the patients in both his Cary and Cornelius offices to be able to relax and receive proper preventive are restorative dental care, this is why they offer oral sedation.   Benefits of sedation Patients who suffer from dental phobia … Continue reading

The benefits of Oral Sedation in Cary NC

The Benefits of Oral Sedation in Cary NC

If you experience dental fear, you may feel forced to choose between being happy and being healthy. A simple trip to the dentist can cause a tremendous level of stress and anxiety – which is unhealthy in itself. The ideal solution is Oral Sedation from Holistic Dental Centers in Cary, NC.   Your oral health is important, but it is not separate from your overall physical and psychological health. Holistic dentistry is known for the use of safe, health promoting practices and materials. However, a focus on whole health does not stop with the body. Dr. McMillan understands how emotionally, … Continue reading

The advantages of the oral sedation method for Cary area residents

Oral Sedation Method for Cary Area Residents

Dental anxiety is very real, and is not something that people can just “overcome.” Dental anxiety can often be so debilitating that it causes patients to completely avoid the dentist and put their oral health at risk in the process. If you have gotten to the point where the mere mention of the dentist’s office has you running, there is a way to get you back in the dental chair.   At Holistic Dental Centers, our first priority is always the health and comfort of our patients. We strive to provide the highest quality dental care in an environment that … Continue reading