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Use oral conscious sedation to relax during your next dental treatment with Dr. McMillan in Cary, NC

Dr. Carl McMillan and his team of professionals at Holistic Dental Centers are proud to provide this method of sedation to calm patients who are undergoing services in his practice.

When Cary, NC patients need dental treatments, they may be worried about their time spent in the dental chair. However, patients have a way of enjoying a stress-free visit to their dentist with the use of oral conscious sedation. Extreme anxiety can keep many people away from the dental office and at risk for dental disease and tooth decay, but, with oral conscious sedation, patients can finally relax for a stress-free visit to the office!

What is oral conscious sedation?

Dr. McMillan describes oral conscious sedation as a wonderful solution for patients who have dental anxieties. This method of sedation allows patients to be completely relaxed throughout their entire dental procedure. Oral conscious sedation is a sedative that is prescribed to a patient to take before they visit the dental office. This mild narcotic, which can come in a liquid or pill form, will rapidly absorb and provide patients with a quick onset and a short duration of relaxation. Most patients will experience a feeling of deep relaxation, while still being responsive and experiencing no discomfort during their visit. Some patients rest until the medication wears off at home and awaken with little to no recollection of their appointment. This can make it easier to get patients in for subsequent visits as well!

How is oral conscious sedation arranged?

The medication is prescribed by the doctor, and the prescription is either electronically sent to your local pharmacist or a written prescription is provided to the patient. The patient will order and obtain their medication for their upcoming dental appointment. The day of the appointment, the patient will take their medication approximately thirty minutes to an hour prior to arriving to allow time for the sedative to kick in. Transportation must be arranged with a friend or family member, as patients cannot drive while taking these sedatives. Once patients get to the dental office, they will be relaxed enough to undergo their procedure without any stress. After their dental treatment, patients return home to rest, and will have undergone their procedure without fears and nervousness. This is one of the most beneficial ways of getting dental work done for many of our patients.


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When might a patient consider oral conscious sedation?

Sedation dentistry can be used for patients with:

  • Mild to severe anxieties
  • Severe gag reflexes
  • A condition that makes it difficult for them to stay still
  • Extended dental treatments that may result in long hours in the dental chair
  • A fear of the unknown or pain

Aftercare for sedation

Because everyone reacts to sedatives differently, it is important that patients are monitored by someone for several hours after their appointment. This ensures that they are safe and are resting to allow time for the sedative to work through the system and bring patients back to being fully alert. Many patients are advised to stay away from alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours before and after the use of sedatives. Patients often spend the remainder of their day resting.

How to obtain sedatives

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During an initial consultation appointment, patients should be open and honest about any dental anxieties they may have, or conditions that may make it difficult to get them into the dental chair for their necessary treatments. Our dental team will provide an evaluation and determine if oral conscious sedation would be beneficial.

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Oral conscious sedation is a wonderful way for anxious patients to get the dental care they need while also having a positive experience in the dental chair. Dr. Carl McMillan and his team of professionals at Holistic Dental Centers are proud to provide this method of sedation to calm patients who are undergoing services in his practice. If you are interested in learning more about this and other ways, we can help you achieve a more beautiful smile, we encourage you to book an appointment by calling (919) 865-0700 and visiting the Cary, NC location at 1110 SE Cary Parkway, Suite #206. Dr. McMillan also has another practice conveniently located in Cornelius, NC.


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