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Enjoy comfortable visits to the Dentist in Cary or Cornelius with oral sedation

Enjoy Comfortable Visits

North Carolina’s Holistic Dental Centers, with locations in Cary and Cornelius, welcome patients to a whole new world of dental care. For many years, medical patients have benefitted from sedation when receiving care for a medical condition, but most dental patients have been denied this comfort. Our doctors and our dental team take a different approach to dental care.


We don’t treat our patients as sets of teeth to repair and maintain, we consider the overall health and wellbeing of our patients when recommending treatment. We believe that the dental experience should be as emotionally healthy as possible. Oral conscious sedation offers a number of benefits to our patients:

  • Relaxation – Dental anxiety keeps many people from receiving regular dental care. Some only visit a dentist when pain drives them there, and others typically postpone treatment, even cleanings and checkups. Sedation can relieve stress and fear, making a dental visit a relaxing experience.
  • Comfort – Sedation makes it possible for those with painful physical problems such as jaw disorders or back problems to receive dental treatment comfortably.
  • Control gag reflex – Some patients have a sensitive gag reflex, and anxiety can exacerbate the problem. Sedation can significantly reduce the gag reflex.
  • Time saving – Patients who need extensive or complex dental treatments can have more work done in a single extended appointment without feeling fatigued, because with sedation, their muscles are relaxed. Fewer appointments save time, and can lower the cost of the total treatment plan in some cases.
  • Patient cooperation – When a patient is relaxed with sedation, it allows the dentist to work more effectively without worrying about the patient gagging or moving, and without having to rush because the patient is becoming fatigued.
  • Reduced post-treatment soreness – Sedation relaxes the muscles, so the patient has less muscle stiffness and post-operative soreness.
  • Improved oral health – Dentally fearful patients are more willing to seek regular preventive care once they have experienced stress-free dental appointments.

If you live in Cornelius or Cary, or the surrounding areas, visit one of the Holistic Dental Center offices, where your dental, physical, and emotional wellbeing are all given top priority. Call Cary (919) 865-0700, or Cornelius (704)-765-3150, and schedule an appointment today.