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Why Mooresville, NC area patients should seek a mercury safe dentist

Safe Silver Amalgam Filling Removal

There have been many misunderstandings over the years regarding the terms “mercury free” and “mercury safe” dentistry. Dr. Carl McMillan of the Holistic Dental Centers near Mooresville, NC can proudly say they are both mercury free and mercury safe. There is a big distinction between the two.


In a mercury free practice, the dentist does not place silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam fillings are fabricated from about 50 percent mercury, which can release toxins and result in the development of a wide range of neurological and physical problems. Because of this, many dentists are avoiding the placement of these metal fillings and turning to safer, more aesthetic alternatives such as composite resin fillings. They do not shrink or expand with temperature changes and blend in with the natural tooth enamel for discreet repair of decay.


However, a mercury “safe” dentist is one that not only avoids the placement of silver amalgam fillings but safely removes them. Removing silver amalgam fillings must be done in a certain manner to avoid the exposure of mercury to patients and staff. Mercury, when heated, releases toxic vapor that should not be inhaled. This is what makes it relatively difficult to remove safely. However, the team of Holistic Dental Centers believes in providing safe mercury removal. This means that they follow the protocols and strict standards set forth by the IAOMT, also known as the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. This organization lays out specific guidelines for safe silver amalgam filling removal, which includes proper coverage, ventilation, and specialized vacuum systems in order to keep the vapor from entering the treatment room. By following these standards, dentists make their practice “mercury safe.”


Contact Dr. Carl McMillan of Holistic Dental Centers today to book a consultation appointment and thorough examination to find out if your existing silver amalgam fillings can be safely removed.