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Mooresville, NC area patients ask, “Who is the best candidate for dental implants?”

Dental implants are a common restorative treatment for patients in and around the Mooresville, NC area. These restorations have been used for many years to dramatically enhance the natural smile in a way that improves aesthetics and function when tooth loss occurs. Dental implants from a conventional dentist may be made of titanium, but Cary and Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers avoid the use of metal. Instead, our dental implants are made of zirconium.


Zirconium is a ceramic material that is more aesthetic and biocompatible with the smile. These posts are surgically placed into the jawbone, resulting in a permanent root replacement. Dental implants are highly desirable because they are long lasting, often remaining for a lifetime due to the durability they provide.


Dr. Carl McMillan and the team of Cary and Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers believe that patients should take the time to learn about the advantages of dental implants. Although bridges and dentures are alternative tooth replacement options, dental implants offer a no-fuss solution. Implants are placed and many patients never have to worry about them again. They do not need to be removed for cleaning, care, or replacement, and they are treated just like the natural teeth, making them simple to care for.


The best candidates for dental implants are patients with sufficient bone structure underneath the gum tissue. Bone is necessary for the dental implant to succeed. Once the implants are placed, they stimulate a process known as osseointegration during which the bone fuses to the implant, holding it in place and providing the stability it needs. Dental implants can be restored with crowns, dentures, or bridges, depending on the patients’ needs.


The best method of determining if you are an appropriate candidate for implants is to visit Dr. Carl McMillan and his team for an initial examination. X-rays are done to check the structure of the jaw and find out if dental implants may be beneficial. Contact the Cary or Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers today to book a consultation appointment and evaluation with our team of dedicated professionals.