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Dentist in Mooresville, NC describes cosmetic dental fillings

When dental decay occurs, it is essential for patients to take control as soon as possible. Dr. Carl McMillan at Holistic Dental Centers encourages individuals to visit him as soon as possible if cavities are occurring. This is to help in removing the areas of decay and addressing the area with dental fillings.


Dental fillings are used to seal off a tooth that has experienced dental decay. These have been used for decades to protect the structure of the tooth and help maintain the natural tooth for longer. In the past, the only dental fillings available were metal or silver amalgam. Silver amalgam integrates mercury, which is a toxic metal and not biocompatible with the body. Dr. Carl McMillan does not offer these fillings and has not for many years, as he prefers to improve the smile with composite resin bonding fillings. These are much more aesthetic and are safer for patients in the Mooresville, NC area than traditional silver amalgam. They are not susceptible to temperature changes in the same way amalgam fillings are.


Composite resin fillings are done during a single dental appointment. Dr. Carl McMillan works by removing the areas of decay and thoroughly cleaning the area. Then, the composite bonding material is used to fill the holes and seal the tooth. In areas where extremely large fillings are necessary, Dr. Carl McMillan will suggest the placement of a dental crown. Dental crowns are made of porcelain and provide an extra layer of protection against breakage. Crowns can help maintain the structure necessary for the tooth to function properly.


Dental fillings are common in both general and restorative dentistry and can be used for anyone who has experienced areas of decay. Contact Holistic Dental Centers today and book a consultation appointment and examination to learn more about the ways in which dental fillings can restore the natural tooth in a way that is not only safe but also beautiful!