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When are dental crowns needed for tooth restoration in Raleigh?

Crowns are one of the most commonly performed restorations and are an integral part of saving a severely decayed tooth. Crowns are designed to mimic the shape, color, and size of natural tooth. They are used to cover existing teeth that are damaged and to protect them from further damage.   Holistic Dental Centers has offices located in both Cary and Cornelius for the convenience of patients from Raleigh to Charlotte and across the state. We strive to take the most conservative and holistic approach to restorations. Before recommending any type of procedure, we will perform a thorough examination to … Continue reading

The dental crowns process in Raleigh, NC

Restore Teeth, Carl McMillan, DMD, PA

Dental crowns are placed to restore teeth that are cracked, broken, chipped, or misshapen. They are also effectively used for cosmetic modifications in cases where porcelain veneers may not be an option. If you are in the Raleigh area, dental crowns through Holistic Dental Centers can improve the appearance of your smile and protect your teeth.   The first step in the dental crown process is a comprehensive exam and consultation. The doctor will be evaluating the tooth to determine the severity of the issue and determining the appropriate treatment. Many issues, such as small cavities can be corrected with … Continue reading

Raleigh smiles can be repaired beautifully with porcelain dental crowns

It is important to have a damaged tooth fixed quickly. Whether from trauma, decay, or even an untreated cavity, a damaged tooth can be a stressful event. At our Holistic Dental Centers offices in Cary and Cornelius, we can repair damaged teeth with natural looking restorations such as dental crowns to keep Raleigh smiles whole and healthy.   A ceramic or porcelain crown is a popular option for teeth that are broken or decayed. They cover the surface of the tooth and can help prevent further damage that might lead to tooth loss or necessitate an extraction. Dental crowns may … Continue reading

Raleigh residents ask, “What are dental crowns?”

Dental crowns can be used for a number of reasons. They are restorations, typically made from porcelain, and they are known for their strength, stability, and natural looking appearance.   Dental crowns, sometimes called caps, are designed to fit on top of natural teeth. They can be used in conjunction with a dental implant for a patient missing a tooth. Crowns provide protection for teeth that are cracked or broken. They can also be used for teeth with extensive decay to keep the tooth from deteriorating and to restore functionality and appearance. If a tooth has previously undergone root canal … Continue reading

What kind of dental crowns are available in Charlotte, NC?

What kind of dental crowns are available in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Carl McMillan of Charlotte, NC at the Holistic Dental Centers believes in providing patients with restorations that fit the health and beauty of their smiles. They avoid placing anything in the mouth that isn’t biocompatible with the body to ensure overall wellness. Many clinical studies have shown the link between the mouth and body with the “oral systemic connection.” When there are problems within the smile, they can carry over to the rest of the body. For instance, periodontal disease can become problematic as the bacteria in the mouth during this infection can carry through the bloodstream and result … Continue reading

Charlotte area dentist can repair a cracked tooth with dental crowns

Charlotte area dentist can repair a cracked tooth with dental crowns

Trauma to a tooth can cause damage. Damage can result in further problems such as a weakened tooth, a tooth exposed to bacteria and developing infection, or the need to extract a tooth due to many different issues that can occur. Dr. Carl McMillan of Holistic Dental Centers, with offices in Cary and Cornelius, encourages patients to learn about the ways in which a cracked tooth can be repaired. Charlotte area patients can even visit the practice for an evaluation to determine which solutions are best. In many cases, cracked teeth may benefit most from the creation and placement of … Continue reading

Patients in Raleigh seek porcelain dental crowns for various reasons

Many men and women suffer from tooth damage that is best repaired with dental crowns. These caps are placed on the teeth to protect and strengthen them. Respected dentist Dr. Carl McMillan offers dental crown treatment to patients in Raleigh and beyond at Cary and Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers. Our dentists utilize safe, effective, and biocompatible materials for all of our treatments. Our crowns are made of porcelain, a strong material that blends naturally with the smile.   Dental crowns serve many purposes including: Holding together cracked teeth Preventing weak teeth from breaking Protecting severely worn down teeth Improve the … Continue reading

Dental crowns can protect teeth for Raleigh area patients

Natural teeth are strong and durable. They are intended to last a lifetime. Sometimes, situations occur that make it impossible to keep a natural tooth, as damage can make a tooth more susceptible to becoming irreparable. When patients are faced with trauma or disease that has affected their dental health, they may need to provide their smile with proactive care to ensure extraction does not become a reality. Dr. Carl McMillan offers dental solutions to patients in and around the Raleigh area such as dental crowns.   Dental crowns are porcelain restorations used in dentistry all the time. These restorations, … Continue reading

Why patients in the Cornelius area should seek out Holistic Dental Centers for the best dental crowns

Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body? Even so, teeth can be compromised due to decay, disease, or trauma. If a filling is not an option to restore the tooth, you may need to be evaluated for a dental crown. Most dental offices can provide crowns; the difference in Holistic Dental Centers is our state of the art technology, our commitment to our patients, and our desire to place crowns that fit in naturally and seamlessly in your mouth.   Dental crowns are a durable tooth covering that can protect a tooth from … Continue reading

When might patients in Charlotte, NC need dental crowns?

When might patients in Charlotte, NC need dental crowns

Dental crowns are common in dentistry. They are used in many specific instances. They can be used to cover imperfections, provide protection and strength to a tooth, replace a missing tooth over a dental implant, or fused to a pontic to create a bridge. Dr. Carl McMillan of Holistic Dental Centers is a quality dentist in the Charlotte, NC area who provides dental crowns for many purposes and believes it is a wonderful, useful restoration for patients in many situations.   Crowns are made of porcelain and are fabricated to cover natural teeth. They may also be made as a … Continue reading