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Mooresville area dentist can repair a cracked tooth with dental crowns

Trauma to a tooth can cause damage. Damage can result in further problems such as a weakened tooth, a tooth exposed to bacteria and developing infection, or the need to extract a tooth due to many different issues that can occur. Dr. Carl McMillan of Holistic Dental Centers, with offices in Cary and Cornelius, encourages patients to learn about the ways in which a cracked tooth can be repaired. Mooresville area patients can even visit the practice for an evaluation to determine which solutions are best. In many cases, cracked teeth may benefit most from the creation and placement of a dental crown.


Dental crowns are used in many dental situations. They can be fused to false teeth to fabricate a dental bridge. They can be placed over dental implants to act as a false tooth. They can be placed over a tooth as a way to cover up cosmetic imperfections or provide an extra layer of protection. These versatile restorations are utilized in dentistry for many solutions, and they play an important role in cosmetic, restorative, and holistic dentistry.


When patients are faced with a cracked tooth, the best way to repair it is with the placement of a dental crown. This will provide a more solid layer of protection between the enamel of the tooth and everyday elements. Composite bonding may be used, but this is not recommended for teeth near the back of the mouth that are subjected to stronger biting and chewing forces. Instead, crowns can be bonded over these teeth and reduce the likelihood of teeth breaking or becoming further damaged to the point of extraction.


Dr. Carl McMillan works with patients who are interested in holistic methods of restoring the smile. He knows the importance of addressing problems in a way that is best for the mouth and body. Using some of the best materials, patients can rest easy knowing that the dental team at Cary and Cornelius Holistic Dental Centers are working their hardest to ensure quality oral health care and repair.