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Drab teeth? Don’t frown! Get a bright smile with dazzling porcelain veneers in Cary NC

Bright Smile With Porcelain Veneers Cary area

Teeth color is an important aspect of your smile. For this reason, dental procedures that lift stains and whiten teeth provide a tremendous and often dramatic boost to the appearance of the smile. You can get a bright smile with porcelain veneers in Cary and Cornelius, NC – at one of two convenient Holistic Dental Centers’ offices. Veneers are an alternative to Dr. McMillan’s effective, long-lasting teeth bleaching with trays you can apply at home. Patients with stubborn or very dark discoloration can benefit from veneers. But the benefits of these thin layers of durable, lifelike dental porcelain go beyond achieving a whiter, brighter smile.

The versatility of veneers

Brown or yellow stains can make your smile look unhealthy or “old.” Yet, there are additional characteristics of your smile that can also make you look either older or younger than your “chronological” years.


The most attractive faces are generally symmetrical, with the right side of the face mirroring the left. This same notion of symmetry applies to smiles. Asymmetrical smiles present as gaps, chips, or other cosmetic concerns that make a tooth on one side of the face look out of proportion to its counterpart on the other side of the face. Likewise, a poorly shaped tooth can detract from beautiful uniformity and proportions. A rounded, jagged appearance or shiny, polished texture are also indicative of wear and tear, which can contribute to an old-looking smile.


In Dr. McMillan’s skilled hands, veneers can be used to achieve a whiter, brighter appearance as adeptly as they can be used to treat spacing issues and reshape teeth. All veneers treatments start with a consultation. You’ll share what you want to change about your smile. All veneers procedures require a healthy foundation. So, Dr. McMillan will assure your teeth and gums are healthy, and that no disease or decay is present. Sometimes, the brown spots that are thought be a strictly cosmetic concern, are a sign of tooth decay. Holistic Dental Centers will resolve existing oral health conditions, safely, before moving forward with elective cosmetic procedures.

Stunning, bright smiles (that last) in three visits

Stunning, bright smiles (that last) in three visits in Cary area

During your first visit, Dr. McMillan will speak with you about how the process of getting veneers works, and possible treatment alternatives; for instance, Holistic Dental Centers’ professional bleaching is powerful, safe, and convenient. Many patients with stained teeth have achieved brighter smiles with prescription whitening gels, applied via custom dental trays from the comfort of home. Not all tooth discoloration is amenable to bleaching. So, this is where veneers come into play.


Likewise, patients who need to restore a broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth may benefit from Dr. McMillan’s array of safe, non-metal restorations – from biocompatible (“tissue-friendly”) fillings to porcelain crowns.


If veneers are the best way to get the healthy, brighter smile you desire, a second visit will be scheduled to “prepare” the teeth for veneers. Preparation is simple. Only a small layer of outer enamel is removed from each tooth to be treated. Since the amount of enamel removed for veneers is so small, the treatment is well-tolerated and typically requires only a local anesthetic. Sensitivity is minimal. A mold of the treated teeth is made and sent to the dental lab where your custom veneers are fabricated. For your comfort, and to protect the prepared teeth, Dr. McMillan also fits you with temporary veneers. Usually, it takes about two or three weeks before you’ll return to Holistic Dental Centers for your permanent veneers. The veneers aren’t bonded until you are 100% satisfied with how they look and feel.


Because Dr. McMillan only uses the highest quality, biocompatible materials, you’ll love to show off your veneers for many years to come. Patients appreciate that they’re low maintenance; since veneers don’t stain like natural teeth, it makes it easier than ever to keep your smile looking bright, youthful, and vibrant. Otherwise, clean with a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft-bristled brush, floss at least once a day, and visit Dr. McMillan for regular check-ups.

Before veneers are placed, we’ll discuss habits that can damage natural and artificial tooth structure alike, including:

  • Teeth-grinding and -clenching – Tell-tale signs of bruxism include chipped, worn teeth
  • Chewing hard objects, such as ice cubes and fingernails
  • Using teeth as “tools”; for instance, to cut open packages
  • Regularly consuming sticky, hard foods (like brittle)

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Custom mouth guards offer just one of the many ways Dr. McMillan can protect your new, stunning smile. Discover for yourself “why” porcelain veneers are such a great fit from an office that views dentistry from a holistic perspective — smile improvements that boost your overall well-being!


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