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Why Choose a Holistic Dentist?

Dentist Cary NC - Raleigh - NEI CertifiedYour body is one of nature's most beautiful creations, with each component crafted to mesh ideally with all of the others. A holistic dentist inherently recognizes this. He knows that a human being cannot be treated as a series of separate parts. He treats each patient with the knowledge of those delicate interconnections and sensitivity to the potential impact of a dental procedure on the body as a whole.

Many people believe that holistic dentistry simply means no silver fillings, but there is much more to this innovative form of care. When you become a patient of Holistic Dental Centers of Cary or Cornelius, your dentist will take time to know you – as a person – because he understands the importance of treating more than physical symptoms alone. He knows that your overall health, including your emotional state, is impacted by dentistry and medicine and vice versa. He is trained to comprehend the relationship between oral health, the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, and more.

Our professionals observe the basic tenet of the Hippocratic Oath, “First, do no harm” on a much deeper level than most health care practitioners. We are also called biological dentists. We use only non-toxic materials for dental restorations. For example, mercury is the second most toxic identifiable element – yet traditional dentistry still uses amalgam fillings, which contain over 50% mercury! We put only the materials, which are aesthetic, functional, and biocompatible in the mouths of our patients, to make certain that your body is not harmed in the course of fixing your teeth. At Holistic Dental Centers, you are assured of only the highest quality care, without compromise.

We also take thorough steps to ensure that your old mercury fillings are removed safety, should you choose to have that done. Our remediation methods protect you, our staff, and the environment. In addition to metal-free fillings, our holistic offerings include non-metal crowns and onlays.

Holistic dentistry isn't just about getting rid of those old, potentially dangerous mercury fillings. Holistic Dental Centers offers a range of general and cosmetic options to keep you well and smiling.

Call today for a consultation, and learn more about the benefits of whole body dentistry.
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The Basics
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Mercury – reference videos
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Dental Mercury's Toxic Journey Into The Environment
Silver dental amalgam fillings
Overview of exposure and harm from mercury released from "silver" dental amalgam fillings
At Holistic Dental Centers, our vision is to create a practice totally devoted to whole
body wellness. Our concept of whole body wellness is based on the interactions of
every system in the body. We believe that health starts in the mouth, and
everything we do is with concern for your overall health.
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Carl McMillan, DMD, PA: Holistic Dental Centers
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Dr. McMillan, Iris, and Tammy are the best!! Before coming to Dr. McMillan, I had extreme dental anxiety. Dr. Carl always makes me feel comforted and safe and I trust him fully. I highly recommend Dr. McMillan and his staff to anyone looking for a dental practice that educates and truly cares about their patients.

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Meet Dr. McMillan
Dentist Cary - Meet Dr. McMillan
Dr. Carl McMillan has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. He is a charter member of the International Academy of Mercury Free Dentists.
Safe Mercury Removal
We specialize in the safe removal of mercury fillings (amalgam). Mercury has been scientifically tested to be more toxic to humans than arsenic, cadmium, or lead. Mercury vapor is released from amalgam and absorbed at a rate of about 80% into the lungs and bloodstream.
Dentis Cary - Safe Mercury Removal