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Carl McMillan, DMD, PA: Holistic Dental Centers
5 Carl McMillan, DMD, PA - reviews
I had the best dental experience today at Holistic Dental Centers. I typically DREAD dentist visits, but this office is just the best. If you are looking for a holistic dentist in NC, go see Dr. Carl McMillan :-)

Holistic Dentist

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You Put What In My Mouth
Holistic Dentist Cary NC - Video This feature length documentary follows the lives of 4 people as they struggle to inform the federal government, public and dentists of the extremely large amounts of mercury vapor and mercury contaminated particulate matter generated during the making, placement, polishing and removal of mercury "amalgam" dental fillings.

Although traditional dentistry has good intentions to promote oral health through preventative and restorative care, the overall approach to doing so may be lacking. Over the years, certain dentists have developed a broader concept, leading to the emergence of holistic dentistry. Also called biological dentistry or biocompatible dentistry, the approach is all-inclusive. Rather than focusing our methods on the treatment of specific concerns only, our practice maintains the principles of holistic dentistry, which include:
  • Treat the patient as a whole, considering the mind, body and spirit in all aspects of dentistry.
  • Avoidance of and the safe removal of harmful toxic materials such as mercury fillings and other metals.
  • Working towards preventing bite problems (malocclusion), and treating them when they are present.
  • Consideration of the biological foundation of tooth decay and gum disease in determining a treatment plan.
As an experienced and committed holistic dentist, Dr. McMillan considers not only how oral conditions affect the body, but he also considers the possible effects any given treatment may have on a patient's health. While cavities do require fillings, we do not use materials (such as metals and mercury) that have been deemed hazardous to accomplish restorative measures. Further, Dr. McMillan has been trained to perform the safe removal of mercury fillings, ensuring that patients are not unduly exposed during this procedure.

In our practice, we offer patients a referral for biocompatibility testing as one way to provide the best possible care to each patient. For a material to be considered biocompatible means that it is well tolerated by the body, that is does not harm the body or produce unwanted side effects, as in the case of amalgam fillings, which contain mercury.

What makes us different from a traditional dental practice is our commitment to biocompatibility . We recommend and recognize biocompatibility testing for the most suitable materials and also take the time to explain which materials may be most appropriate for you and why. Every material that is used in dental restorations lives in the mouth, usually for several decades. As such, it is important that these materials do not harm the body in any way. To accommodate each patient's needs, we incorporate several different materials for use in filling cavities or creating dental crowns, bridges, or other restorations.

To experience the difference that comes from holistic dentistry, contact us for your consultation today.
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Carl McMillan, DMD, PA: Holistic Dental Centers
5 Carl McMillan, DMD, PA: Holistic Dental Centers - reviews
Dr. McMillan, Iris, and Tammy are the best!! Before coming to Dr. McMillan, I had extreme dental anxiety. Dr. Carl always makes me feel comforted and safe and I trust him fully. I highly recommend Dr. McMillan and his staff to anyone looking for a dental practice that educates and truly cares about their patients.

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Meet Dr. McMillan
Dentist Cary - Meet Dr. McMillan
Dr. Carl McMillan has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. He is a charter member of the International Academy of Mercury Free Dentists.
Safe Mercury Removal
We specialize in the safe removal of mercury fillings (amalgam). Mercury has been scientifically tested to be more toxic to humans than arsenic, cadmium, or lead. Mercury vapor is released from amalgam and absorbed at a rate of about 80% into the lungs and bloodstream.
Dentis Cary - Safe Mercury Removal